Patrons and Sponsors

We would like to say a special thank you to the following Members, Patrons and Sponsors who have early on shown great loyalty and support as the Competition grows. We would also like to thank all our anonymous donors.

Members and Patrons

Diamond Patrons
Brenda and Peter Anson
Jonathan and Tricia Gray
Alistair and Arran Keith
David and Sarah Kowitz
Brenda and John Lovering
Kevin Pakenham
Prof. Frank Wibaut and Miwako Hosono
Dr. Richard and Julia Wray

Platinum Patrons
John and Yvonne Everitt
Liz and Alfredo Guttierez-Andres
John Jenkins and Mark Riches
Patricia and Richard Millett
Jane and David Pennock

Gold Patrons
Julian and Quenelda Avery
Andrew Blackman and Richard Smith
Peter Dengate
Michael Foster Law
Nicholas and Charlotte MacLean
Dinah Moses
John Redmond and Peter Mulley
John Wright

Silver Patrons
Elizabeth Bennett
Margit and William Gentles
Professor Michael Hunter
Malcom W. Lock
Simon and Fiona Mortimore
Richard and Monica Percy
Sue Schlesinger
Janet Smallman
Kevin Smith
Alexander Stiller
Sara Stonor
Stephen Streatfield

Judith and David Appleyard
Janet Armour
Iva and Trevor Barnes
Godfrey and Judith Bevan
Frances Beves
Rosemary and Geoffrey Craggs
Jill and Glen Davies
Nicholas Dent and Stephanie Gaunt
Richard and Cynthia Feast
Betty Greenish
Kendra McConnell
Michael Moor
Jane Murray
Kate and Justin Nahum
Dr Robert Park and Anne Duke
Andrew Russell
Dominic Sabetian and Susan Beaney
John and Rosemary Searle
Dr. Julian D Stowell
Richard Street
Patrice Tournier
Molly Townson and Ken Johnson
Brian Turner

     With special thanks to:

Christopher Charles Paine
Period Renovations